Archives (2020)

September 2020

“Reflection on Faith and Science in Light of COVID-19,” by Hermina Nedelescu

“Remembering Sergey Sergeevich Horujy (1941-2020),” by Kristina Stoeckl

“Ready for the COVID Vaccine? An Orthodox Perspective,” by Gayle Woloschak

“Tell the Truth: We Must Have No Bogus History,” by John Stamps

“Jacob Blake and My Struggle with God: Divine Love and the African American Mind,” by Alfred Turnipseed

“Racial Injustice and Trinitarian Suffering,” by Matt Kappadakunnel

“The War on Drugs and Systemic Racism: Why Christians Should Care,” by Rico Monge

August 2020

“George Seferis and the Freedom of Tradition,” by Christopher Howell

“Pastoral Guidance for Civic Engagement: Moving towards a Social Ethos of the Orthodox Church,” by Rev. Dr. Nektarios Eric Morrow

“Rebellion at the Heart of the Bible: A Theology of Rebellion,” by Roduljub Kubat

“The Belarusian Protests and the Orthodox Church,” by Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun

“Who Are You When You Feel Liturgically?” by Andrew Mellas

“Admiring the Theotokos at Her Dormition,” by V.K. McCarty

“How Sacred Is Sacred Art?” by S.P. Bachelder

“Some of My Best Friends Are Heretics: What Do Orthodox Really Believe?” by Paul Ladouceur

“From One Spoon to Many,” by Fr. Nicholas Dassouras

July 2020

“Muslims, Christians, and Hagia Sophia,” by Phil Dorroll

“A Confession of Racism by a Southerner,” by Rev. Dr. Daniel P. Payne

“Fear Then, Action Now: A Response to ‘Full Understanding and Support,'” by Yiorgos Anagnostou

“Hymn of Entry to the Hagia Sophia,” by Bishop Athanasius (Yevtich) of Herzegovina

“The Death of Secularism: Russian, Turkey, and Western Cluelessness,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

“The End of Post-Soviet Religion: Russian Orthodoxy as a National Church,” by Kristina Stoeckl

“Hagia Sophia’s Status as a Mosque Mocks Prophet Muhammad’s Covenant with Christianity,” by Ani Zonneveld

“Hagia Sophia and the Challenge of Religious Freedom,” by George Demacopoulos

“Hagia Sophia: A Museum or a Place of Worship?” by Thomas Bremer

“In Defense of Uniate Idiosyncrasy,” by Justin Shaun Coyle

“Deifying Bodies of Color: Coloniality, Iconography, and the Black Lives Matter Movement,” by Luis Josué Salés

“The Many Faces and the Many Colors of Christ: In Response to ‘White Jesus and Shaun King,” by Alfred Turnipseed

“Islam from an Orthodox Perspective: A Review of Paragraph 56 of the Social Ethos Document,” by Phil Dorroll

“Yoga and Orthodoxy,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

June 20202

“St. Tikhon Condemns Racism during Epidemic,” by Scott Kenworthy

“‘White Jesus’ and Shaun King,” by Addison Hodges Hart

“‘Full Understanding and Support’: A Response to ‘The Wrong Side of History,'” by Nikolaos Piperis and Stavros Piperis

“Government Report Highlights Policy Priorities for Middle Eastern Christians,” by Steven Howard

“My Letter to a Young White Friend,” by Alfred Turnipseed

“The Interfaith Community and the Crisis of Racial Injustice and Inequity,” by Fr. Emmanuel Clapsis

“What Can Be Done? A Former Prosecutor on Systemic Injustice,” by Martha Coravos

“In Defense of a Certain Tone of Voice: Part Four of an Interim Report on That All Shall Be Saved, by David Bentley Hart

“COVID-19, the Murder of George Floyd, and Continuing the Lockdown,” by Theodore Theophilos

“Pandemic and the Holy in Russia,” by John P. Burgess

“Orthodox Christianity, Systemic Racism, and the Wrong Side of History,” by George Demacopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou

“Orthodox Apocalypse: Judgment and Hope for Orthodoxy in the Time of Coronavirus,” by Rev. Dr. Anastasios Brandon Gallaher and Fr. Richard Rene

May 2020

“Disease, Community, and Grief in a COVID-19 World,” by Susan R. Holman

“The Eucharist, Its Physical Elements, and Molecular Biology,” by Hermina Nedelescu

“Why Should Orthodoxy Remain Public in Coronavirus Times? Reflections in the Aftermath of an Unprecedented Easter,” by Panagiotis G. Pavlos

“Can Persons Be Saved? Part Three of an Interim Report on “That All Shall Be Saved, by David Bentley Hart

“‘Remember, O Lord…’ Liturgy, History, and Communion Spoons in a Time of Pandemic,” by Daniel Galadza

“We Are under Care, Not at War: For a New Metaphor for Today,” by Guido Dotti

“Behind Montenegro’s 2019 Law on Religious Freedom and Institutions,” by Ilijana Todorovic

“Giving Shelter to God from Suffering,” by Rev. Dr. Michael Plekon

“Faith, Reason, and the Eucharist: A Reflection in Light of the Coronavirus Crisis,” by Fr. Robert M. Arida

“The Russian Orthodox Church and Coronavirus: Rethinking the Question of ‘Relevance to the System,” by Regina Elsner

“Silencing Theologians in Serbia,” by Rodoljub Kubat (interview)

“What God Wills and What God Permits: Part Two of an Interim Report on That All Shall Be Saved, by David Bentley Hart

April 2020

“Compassion in Crisis: Challenging a Culture of Injustice,” by Crina Gschwandtner

“The Bread, the Wine, and the Mode of Being,” by Rev. Dr. Chrysostom Koutloumousianos

“When Icons Make You Sick: Religious Materiality in Post-Chernobyl Contamination,” by Elena Romashko

“What Is a Truly Free Will? Part One of an Interim Report on That All Shall Be Saved, by David Bentley Hart

“Communion beyond the Eucharist in Pandemic Time: Pondering Questions with Fellow Ministers of the Eucharist,” by Fr. Alexis Vinogradov

“Was Mary, the Mother Jesus, the First to See the Risen Lord outside the Empty Tomb?” by John Fotopoulos

“God, Evil, and COVID-19,” by Paul Gavrilyuk

“The Good Friday Lamentation and Universal Salvation,” by George Demacopoulos

“What Is Prayer?” by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

“Doing Holy Week at Home during COVID-19,” by Gregory Tucker

“The Value of Nothing: Lessons from COVID-19 on Silence and Stillness,” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis

“The Presence of Christ in Our Homes on Holy Week and Pascha,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

“The Church’s Strength,” by Metropolitan Ambrosios Zografos of Korea

March 2020

“Depth Psychology and the Courage of St. Mary of Egypt,” by Pia Sophia Chaudhari

“An Orthodox Ethos of Solidarity against COVID-19,” by Rev. Dr. Nicolas Kazarian

“The Church without the Eucharist Is No Longer the Church,” by Metropolitan John Zizioulas (interview)

“Lent and the Shaping of Desire,” by John Monaco

“COVID-19 and Christian Dualism,” by Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun

“Shame or Love in the Age of Pandemic,” by Fr. Elias Villis

“Do Sacraments Prevent Illness? A Survey of Liturgical Sources,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

“Fasting from Communion in a Pandemic,” by Mark Roosien

“Coronavirus and Communion,” by Will Cohen

“Fraternal Gathering in Amman Exposes Truths in Global Orthodoxy,” by Evagelos Sotiropoulos

“Coptic Orthodox Communion in the Age of COVID-19,” by Febe Armanios

February 2020

“‘Based on a True Story’: An Approach to Reading the Scriptures,” by Rev. Dr. Cristofor Panaitescu

“Debating Christmas Day: Copts, Calendars, and the Immigrants’ Church,” by Michael Akladios and Candace Lukasik

“Is There a ‘Frozen Conflict’ in Orthodoxy? And If So, What Can We Do About It?” by Regina Elsner

“Deaconesses: An Orthodox Institution Untheologically Blocked,” by Petros Vassiliadis

“Patriotism in Wartime: Nikolai of Japan and the Kingdoms of the This World,” by Betsy Perabo

“A Historical and Pastoral Respons to the Forty-Day Churching of Infants: Theological Reflection and Pastoral Recommendations,” by Rev. Dr. Stelyios Muksuris

January 2020

“A Historical and Pastoral Response to the Forty-Day Churching of Infants: The Manuscript Tradition,” by Rev. Dr. Stelyios Muksuris

“Catholic Objections to Women’s Altar Service: Barred from the Sacred,” by Phyllis Zagano

“Catholic Colonialism and Its Subaltern Celibates,” by A.A.J. DeVille

“Toward a New Ecclesiological Paradigm? Consequences of the Ukrainian Autocephaly,” by Thomas Bremer

“Review: Orthodox Christianity and Human Rights in Europe,” by Päivi Billie Gynther

“The Divided House of Middle Eastern Christians,” by Paul Gadalla


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