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Series: Papers from the 2015 “Conference in Preparation for the Great and Holy Council”

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12/10/2019  “A Review of ‘Distant Relatives: Ancient Imagery of the Classical Pagan Past and Modern Byzantine Icons,” by Kassandra Ibrahim

12/06/2019  “Rethinking Patristic Categories? A Response to Petre Maican,” by Fr. David G. Bissias

12/04/2019  “Same-Sex Behavior and Genetics,” by Gayle Woloschak

11/22/2019  “Marcionism, Allegorical Exegesis, and the Question of Universal Salvation,” by Roberto J. De La Noval

11/20/2019  “In Defense of Compassion,” by His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias

11/18/2019  “Gender Essentialism in Contemporary Orthodox Conversations on Homosexuality,” by Bryce E. Rich

11/15/2019  “Men, Monks, and Making Saints,” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis

11/11/2019  “Did the American Government Create the OCU? Political Ambitions and the Ukrainian Church,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

11/08/2019  “Should Orthodox Christians Care about the Climate?” by Mark Roosien

11/06/2019  “‘Orthodox Morality’ on Sex or an Ethics of Sex? Part Two: A Theology of the Erotic,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

11/04/2019  “‘Orthodox Morality’ on Sex or an Ethics of Sex? Part One: Dogmas v. Canons and Beliefs v. Ethics,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

11/01/2019  “The Flame in Our Lady’s Hair: On the Burning Yet Unconsumed Faith that Built Classical Buildings,” by His Grace Bishop Maxim (Vasiljevic)

10/29/2019  “Secularization, Multiple Modernities, and the Challenge of ‘Multiple Orthodoxies,'” by Fr. Dragos Herescu

10/23/2019  “Ukrainian Autocephaly and Responsibility Toward the Faithful,” by His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias

10/21/2019  “Would the True ‘Nature’ Please Stand Up?” by Rev. Dr. Vasileios Thermos

10/17/2019  “Our Problem with Forgiveness,” by Katherine Kelaidis

10/14/2019  “Russian Orthodox Clergy Support Justice and Respect for the Law,” by Sergei Chapnin

10/09/2019  “Eastern Orthodox Identity and ‘Aggressive Liberalism’: Non-Theological Aspects of the Confrontation,” by Dmitry Uzlaner

10/07/2019  “Christian Teaching on Sexual Morality,” by Richard Swinburne

10/02/2019  “Scholars Not Priests,” by George Demacopoulos

09/26/2019  “Maternal Body: A Review,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

09/19/2019  “Meeting Michelle: Pastoral and Theological Reflections on a Transgender Inmate,” by Fr. Richard René

09/16/2019  “Axia Women: A New Orthodox Network in the U.S.,” by Patricia Fann Bouteneff

09/10/2019  “Why We Need Nature,” by David Bradshaw

09/06/2019  “Domestic Violence and Accountable Actions in the Orthodox Church,” by Mariz Tadros

08/28/2019  “Fr. Raphael Morgan, the First Orthodox Priest of African Descent in America: A Reflection on Recent Findings,” by Dellas Oliver Herbel

08/22/2019  “Three Ways of Seeing: A 21st-Century Gloss on How We View the World,” by Susan P. Bachelder

08/16/2019  “Contra ‘Father-ism,'” by John A. Monaco

08/14/2019  “Maternal Body: Incarnational Theology Through a Maternal Lens,” by Carrie Frederick Fros

08/09/2019  “Oikonomia for the Majority—Akriveia for the Minority,” by John A. Heropoulos

08/06/2019  “How Catholics Have Always Believed and Taught Deification,” by Jared Ortiz

07/17/2019  “Understanding True Citizenship: Lessons from a Georgian Saint,” by Fr. Irakli Jinjolava

07/12/2019  “Not a Cross to Bear: Domestic Violence, Coptic Christianity, and the Need for Accountable Theology,” by Mariz Tadros

07/10/2019  “Pope Francis’s Relic Diplomacy,” by George Demacopoulos

07/05/2019  “The Case for Moral Courage: A Review of The Death of Politics: How to Heal Our Frayed Republic by Peter Wehner,” by William Antholis

07/02/2019  “Image and Likeness and Profound Cognitive Disability: Rethinking Patristic Categories,” by Petre Maican

06/28/2019  “The Invention of Liberalism,” by Jack Pappas

06/25/2019  “Listening to LGBT+ Christians: A Review of the Revoice Conference,” by Tim Markatos

06/21/2019  “Dispatches from the Western Front: The Future of the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe,” by Paul Ladouceur

06/18/2019  “Taking Off the Mask: Love, Truth, and Communion,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

06/14/2019  “The Soviet Genealogy of ‘Orthodox Morality,'” by Regula Zwahlen

06/12/2019  “An Ecumenism of Blood: Boko Haram and the Christian Martyrs of Nigeria,” by Ezekiel Olagoke

06/05/2019  “Roma Inclusion in Romanian Orthodoxy: Too Little Too Late?” by Maria Alina Asavei

05/31/2019  “Eating Disorders and the Case for Open Communion,” by Katherine Kelaidis

05/29/2019  “The Divergent Paths of Orthodoxy: A Review of Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy, by Theodore Theophilos

05/27/2019  “The Voice of Silence: A Monastic Voice on the Ukrainian Question,” by Mother Abbess Theoxeni

05/23/2019  “The Orthodox Monk-Archaeologist Who Discovered a Crucified Man,” by Nicolae Roddy

05/20/2019  “On the Toll Houses Again: A Byzantinist’s Thoughts,” by Eirini Afentoulidou

05/17/2019  “‘How Are You Feeling?’ An Approach to Reading the Scriptures,” by Rev. Dr. Cristian Panaitescu

05/15/2019  “Filaret’s Final Act and the Future of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

05/10/2019  “Seraphim Rose and David Bentley Hart: Two Orthodox Responses to Modernity,” by Christopher Howell

05/08/2019  “Nor Height Nor Depth: On the Toll Houses,” by David Bentley Hart

05/03/2019  “If This is the End, I Will Know It Is Not Love: An Excerpt from a Conversation with Bishop Maxim (Vasiljevic) of Western America,” by His Grace Bishop Maxim (Vasiljevic)

04/29/2019  “The Resurrection of Christ: Its Biblical Interpretation and Consequences for the World,” by Petros Vassiliadis

04/22/2019  “Lent as Liberation,” by Perry T. Hamalis

04/19/2019  “Fasting and Ecological Awareness,” by Chris Durante

04/17/2019  “Coptic Nashville,” by Lydia Yousief

04/12/2019  “Schismophrenia: A Reflection on Ukrainian Autocephaly,” by Fr. Bodhan Hladio

04/09/2019  “Apostates and Romantics: Further Thoughts on Modern Traditionalism,” by Kyle M. Nicholas

04/05/2019  “Where Are All the Orthodox Biblical Archaeologists?” by Nicolae Roddy

04/03/2019  “Searching for Social Ethics,” by Regina Elsner

03/28/2019  “The Armenian Patriarchate and the Sanasaryan Han: Religious Minority Property in Turkey,” by Christopher Sheklian

03/26/2019  “Learning to Love: St. Maximus on the Virtues,” by Emma Brown Dewhurst

03/19/2019  “Converting to Time: A Lesson from Theoretical Physics,” by Nicole Roccas

03/15/2019  “Why Are Orthodox Christians ‘Unethical’? The Virtue-Ethical Task of Orthodox Christians in the West,” by Stephen Meawad

03/12/2019  “Rami Malek and the Contentions of Coptic Identity,” by Candace Lukasik

03/05/2019  “Religion and Politics in Brazil: Orthodox Influences,” by Graham McGeoch

03/01/2019  “The Death Penalty and Hell: Entanglement and Evolution,” by Roberto J. De La Noval

02/26/2019  “Holy Arousal,” by Thomas Arentzen

02/19/2019  “I Am a Traditionalist; Therefore, I Am,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

02/12/2019  “Healing the Ukrainian Schism: A Proposal for the Next Step,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

02/08/2019  “Orthodox Christians in the Middle East: Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” by Paul Gadalla

02/05/2019  “Academics for the Church: A Father-Son Reflection on IOTA,” by Fr. Marc Dunaway and Benjamin Dunaway

02/01/2019  “Engaging Orthodox Theology: Thoughts on IOTA from an Ecumenical Observer,” by Robert Saler

01/31/2019  “Making Church History in Romania: My Experience of IOTA’s Inaugural Conference,” by Carrie Frederick Frost

01/29/2019  “The IOTA Moment,” by Irina Paert

01/18/2019  “Teaching the Mystery of Baptism to Persons with Intellectual Disabilities,” by Christina Lappa

01/10/2019  “How to Help Your Children Become Active Learners in Their Orthodox Faith,” by Katherine Demacopoulos

01/08/2019  “How to Respond to Religious Pluralism? Orthodoxy and the ‘New Comparative Theology,” by Kerry San Chirico

12/20/2018  “The International Orthodox Theological Association: Conciliarity from Below,” by Paul Gavrilyuk

12/14/2018  “The Audacity of Converts,” by George Demacopoulos

12/10/2018  “The Ukrainian Church: A Multigenerational Divorce,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

12/06/2018  “A Reflection on the Church in the Political Arena,” by Fr. Robert M. Arida

12/04/2018  “Genesis Theology: Patristic Understandings,” by Doru Costache

11/30/2018  “Liturgical Literacy,” by Richard Barrett

11/28/2018  “Christians of the Holy Land and the Jewish State,” by Michael G. Azar

11/20/2018  “The Greek Orthodox Church Meets Secularization: A Theological Comment on a Recent Agreement,” by Nikolaous Asproulis

11/15/2018  “Engaging with Appalachia’s Coal Crisis: Old Stereotypes and New Initiatives,” by Sarah Riccardi-Swartz

11/13/2018  “A Tribute to a Maestro: Fr. Robert F. Taft, S.J.,” by Ines Angeli Murzaku

11/09/2018  “IOCC and the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s Lifeline to Russia,” by Theodore Theophilos

11/06/2018  “The Mythology of the ‘Historical Present,'” by David Bentley Hart

10/25/2018  “In Ukraine, Is Constantinople Rushing in ‘Where Angels Fear to Tread’?” by Nicolai N. Petro

10/23/2018  “Give Us This Day Our Daily Portion of Nationalism…: Reflections on the Issue of the Autocephaly of the Church in Ukraine,” by Davor Džalto

10/18/2018  “An American Guilt Trip,” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis

10/15/2018  “Has Moscow Undermined Its Ability to Engender a Schism?” by Sotiris Mitralexis

10/13/2018  “Can History Solve the Conflict about Ukrainian Autocephaly?” by Thomas Bremer and Sophia Senyk

10/11/2018  “The Vale of Abraham,” by David Bentley Hart

10/09/2018  “Can Tug-of-War Lead to Unity: The Future of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine,” by Ines Angeli Murzaku

10/05/2018  “The Problem with the Kosovo ‘Solution,'” by Fr. Sava Janjic

10/02/2018  “How to Be the Right Kind of Fundamentalist,” by Davor Džalto

09/25/2018  “Reconceiving Healthcare: Philanthropia and the Vocations of Healing,” by Chris Durante

09/22/2018  “It’s Time for an Independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church,” by Evagelos Sotiropoulos

09/19/2018  “The Heresy of Papism,” by George Demacopoulos

09/17/2018  “Studying Byzantine Cappadocia,” by Elizabeth Zanghi

09/11/2018  “Non-Fundamentalist Monastic Spirituality of Mother Maria Skobtsova,” Kateřina Kočandrle Bauer

09/07/2018  “The Kremlin Hacks the Patriarchate: Is the Church under Surveillance?” by Evangelos Razis

09/04/2018  “Can Saints Be Wrong? A Palamite Perspective,” by Ivana Noble

08/31/2018  “The Church in Modern Ukraine: Information Literacy and the Narrative,” by Nicholas Denysenko

08/27/2018  “Modernity, Murder, and Coptic Identity,” by Candace Lukasik

08/23/2018  “Clericalism and the Sexual Abuse Crisis,” by Matthew Briel

08/21/2018  “Pope Francis’s Challenge to All Christians: End the Death Penalty,” by Jim Forest

08/17/2018  “An Open Letter to Paul Griffiths on Leisure and the Christian Life,” by David Bentley Hart

07/13/2018  “Internet Orthodoxy: Opportunities and Pastoral Challenges,” by Richard Barrett

07/10/2018  “Russia and Ukraine: The Empire’s New Old Clothes,” by Fr. Bohdan Hladio

07/06/2018  “‘For You Were Aliens in the Land of Egypt’: Why Orthodox Christians Cannot Remain Silent on United States Immigration Policies,” by Aram G. Sarkisian

07/03/2018  “Fundamentalism as ‘Orthodoxism,'” by Haralambos Ventis

06/29/2018  “‘Towards a Greener Attica’: On the Occasion of an Ecological Symposium Hosted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate,” by Nikolaos Asproulis

06/26/2018  “Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Encounters: Cultural Exchange or Real Ecumenism?” by Alexander B. Miller

06/21/2018  “Is Christian Theology Possible Without the Fall?” by Paul Ladouceur

06/18/2018  “(Review) ‘The Wheel’ Issue 13/14: Being Human: Embodiment, Sex and Marriage, Pastoral Challenges,” by Luis Salés

06/12/2018  “Grief is the Funny Thing,” by Gregory J. Abdalah

06/08/2018  “Torture Is Iconoclasm,” by Matthew Cooper

06/05/2018  “Must Orthodoxy Be a Barrier to Liberal Democracy? The Case of Serbia 1903-1914,” by Boris Begović

05/30/2018  “Fundamentalism: Theology in the Service of Psychosis,” by Rev. Dr. Vaseilios Thermos

05/24/2018  “American Evangelicals, Theological Fantasy, and the Jerusalem Embassy,” by David P. Gushee

05/21/2018  “Headscarves, Modern Orthodoxy, and Telling Women What To Do,” by Nadieszda Kizenko

05/17/2018  “Headscarves, Modesty, and Modern Orthodoxy,” by Katherine Kelaidis

05/10/2018  “Too Little, Too Late for Religious Freedom in Greece?” by Effie Fokas

05/07/2018  “Episcopacy and Hierarchy: Obverse and Reverse of the Same Coin,” by Mark Arey

05/03/2018  “Chrétiens d’Orient, 2000 Ans d’Histoire: A Major Exhibit in France,” by Michael Peppard

04/30/2018  “Orthodoxy, Capitalism, and ‘the West’: Is Orthodox Christianity Stuck in the Past?” by Nathaniel Wood

04/27/2018  “The Kavasilas Option,” by Fr. Micah Hirshy

04/24/2018  “The Promise of Autocephaly in Ukraine: What’s at Stake?” by Nicholas Denysenko

04/20/2018  “St. Kassiani, Sex Workers, and FOSTA-SESTA,” by Katherine Kelaidis

04/17/2018  “Towards a Reasoned and Respectful Conversation about Deaconesses,” by the Board of the St. Phoebe Center for the Deaconess

04/11/2018  “Joy Reconsidered,” by George N. Petrovich

03/26/2018  “The Byzantine Origins of Gun Control,” by George Demacopoulos

03/20/2018  “Why the Incarnation is Rational,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

03/12/2018  “Our Neoliberal Orthodoxy,” by Davor Džalto

03/06/2018  “Women’s Gifts and the Diaconate,” by Carrie Frederick Frost

02/27/2018  “A New Step Towards Pan-Orthodox Unity: The International Orthodox Theological Association,” by Alison Kolosova

02/23/2018  “Deaconesses and the Camel’s Nose,” by Paul Ladouceur

02/17/2018  “The True Meaning of Fasting in the Orthodox Church,” by Philip Kariatlis

02/15/2018  “Dialogue, Church Teaching, and the German Orthodox Bishops’ Letter on Love, Sexuality, and Marriage,” by Will Cohen

02/13/2018  “The Crisis of Orthodox Multilateralism,” by Nicolas Kazarian

02/09/2018  “The Systematic Persecution of Religious Minorities in Turkey,” by The Hon. Theodore Bozonelis

02/01/2018  “The Ecumenism of the Pro-Life Movement,” by Fr. James Martin

01/29/2018  “How Russia’s Information Warfare Targets the Church of Constantinople,” by Evagelos Sotiropoulos

01/18/2018  “Racism: An Orthodox Perspective,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

01/15/2018  “African American Orthodox Christians,” by Lydia Kemi Ingram

01/12/2018  “It’s Time to Merge St. Vladimir’s and Holy Cross,” by George Demacopoulos

01/09/2018  “Women for the Church: Chanters, Readers, and Their Sanctioned Roles,” by Donna Rizk Asdourian

01/04/2018  “The Problem with Gendering Epiphany Celebrations,” by Joanna Theophilopoulos

12/22/2017  “Western Intervention and Mideast Christians: Lessons from the Nineteenth Century,” by Mark L. Movsesian

12/19/2017  “#MeToo: The Why Behind the Taming of the Passions,” by Fr. Barnabas Powell

12/15/2017  “Are Christians Supposed to Be Communists?” by David Bentley Hart

12/12/2017  “Reading Scripture,” by Fr. John Behr

12/08/2017  “Theology in a ‘Post-Truth’ Landscape,” by Jack Louis Pappas

12/06/2017  “A Dialogue on the Mission of the St. Phoebe Center for the Deaconess,” by Rev. Protodeacon Peter Danilchick and the Board of the St. Phoebe Center

12/01/2017  “A Renewed Diaconate Completes the Church,” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis

11/28/2017  “Bishops and Synods: Testing the Spirits,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

11/22/2017  “Two Views on the Female Diaconate,” by Rev. Protodeacon Brian Patrick Mitchell and Valerie A. Karras

11/17/2017  “The Revival of the Order of Deaconess by the Patriarchate of Alexandria,” by Petros Vassiliadis

11/14/2017  “The President’s Men and the Emperor’s Clothes,” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis

11/11/2017  “China’s Peaceful Warrior,” by Matthew Cooper

11/07/2017  “The Golden Age of Ligonier and Other Myths of Orthodox Unity in America,” by Mark Arey

11/03/2017  “Beyond the Binary: Hymnographic Constructions of Orthodox Gender,” by Ashley Purpura

11/01/2017  “Can Orthodox Support Human Rights? The Divine Image, the Person, and Human Rights,” by Paul Ladouceur

10/28/2017  “My Gay Orthodox Friend’s Suicide,” by Katherine Kelaidis

10/25/2017  “Does the Filioque Undermine Theosis? An Augustinian Perspective,” by Christopher Iacovetti

10/20/2017  “Theology as Science in Russia and the German Model,” by Anna Briskina-Müller

10/17/2017  “Aerial Toll Houses, Provisional Judgment, and the Orthodox Faith,” by Stephen J. Shoemaker

10/13/2017  “International Day of Peace 2017: Conflicts and Threats Beyond the Left and the Right,” by Davor Džalto

10/10/2017  “Evolution and Science Curriculum Debates in Serbia,” by Gayle Woloschak and Tatjana Paunesku

10/06/2017  “The Russian ‘Matilda’ Controversy and the Politics of Religious Feelings,” by Kristina Stoeckl

10/03/2017  “Liberating Ecumenism: Considering the Charismatic and Counter-Hegemonic Contribution of Orthodox Ecclesiology,” by Graham McGeoch

09/29/2017  “Ecological Economics as Care for Creation,” by Chris Durante

09/27/2017  “What’s Missing from the Pope and Patriarch’s Statement on Climate Change,” by Dylan Pahman

09/22/2017  “Post-Truth,” by Cyril Hovorun

09/19/2017  “Issues for a Theology of Marriage,” by David J. Dunn

09/15/2017  “American Orthodoxy,” by Richard Barrett

09/08/2017  “Ephesians 5:20-33 as the Epistle Reading for the Rite of Marriage: Appropriate or Problematic?” by Rev. Dr. Alkiviadis Calivas and Rev. Dr. Philip Zymaris

09/02/2017  “Common Senses: Climate Change, Human Responsibility, and Collective Action in the Shared Words of Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew,” by Christiana Zenner Peppard

08/30/2017  “Korea: Facing Another Threat…,” by Perry T. Hamalis

08/25/2017  “John the Baptist and Capital Punishment,” by Keven Beck

08/22/2017  “The Holy Trinity and Same-Sex Marriage,” by Bradley Nassif

08/16/2017  “Deafening Silence,” by Inga Leonova

08/15/2017  “Two Blocks from the Culture War,” by William Antholis

08/14/2017  “Rescuing Syriac Manuscripts in Iraq,” by Amir Harrak

08/04/2017  “Transfigurating Practices,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

06/28/2017  “The Benedict of History versus the Benedict Option,” by George Demacopoulos

06/23/2017  Youth Submission: “What Is Our Political Time?” by Stefan Kleinhenz

06/19/2017  “Women and the Creed: ‘For Us Humans and for Our Salvation,” by John Fotopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou

06/08/2017 “Science, Truth, and the Current Political Climate,” by Gayle E. Woloschak, Tatjana Paunesku, and Katarina Trajkovic

06/06/2017  “Human Beings or Human Persons?” by Paul Ladouceur

06/01/2017  “Submission, Sexism, and Head Coverings,” by Mark Arey

05/30/2017  “Political Polarization and Christian Unity,” by Will Cohen

05/25/2017  “Between Rigorism and Relativism: The Givenness of Tradition,” by Marcus Plested

05/22/2017  “The Complexity and Duplicity of Deciphering the New Ukrainian Law on Religion,” by Anatoliy Babynskyi

05/20/2017  “The Power of Sexual Purity: An Orthodox Response to the Sexual Revolution of Our Time,” by David C. Ford and Mary Ford

05/17/2017  “Orthodox Christianity: Offering Material Piety to Twenty-First Century America,” by Carrie Frederick Frost

05/15/2017  “On Religious Freedom, Is Russia the Next Saudi Arabia?” by Hannah Gais

05/11/2017  “The Promise behind The Promise,” by Christopher H. Zakian

05/08/2017  “For God’s Sake, Hands Off!” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis

05/05/2017  “Pope Francis in Egypt: Why Ecumenism is Necessary,” by Massimo Faggioli

05/02/2017  “Conjugal Friendship,” by Giacomo Sanfilippo

04/30/2017  “Religions and Peace,” by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I

04/26/2017  “Childbirth is a Blessing, Not an Occasion of Impurity,” by Carrie Frederick Frost

04/24/2017  “The Holy and Great Council: Separating Fact from Fiction,” by Evagelos Sotiropoulos

04/20/2017  “ROCOR Commentary on the February Revolution: Blame the West and Link Putin to the Tsars,” by Lena Zezulin

04/06/2017  “It’s that Time of the Year Again: In Tone Four, ‘The Murderers of God, the Lawless Nation of the Jews…'” by Bogdan G. Bucur

04/03/2017  “On Ecumenoclasm: Salvation for Non-Christians?” by Paul Ladouceur

03/30/2017  “The Russian Church: Profiting by Silence,” by Sergei Chapnin

03/27/2017  “A Time for U.S.-Russian Repentance?” by John Burgess

03/23/2017  “Orthodoxy, African Deaconesses, and Missed Opportunities,” by Kerry San Chirico

03/20/2017  “Salvation and the ‘Pursuit of Happiness,'” by Paul Gavrilyuk

03/16/2017  “My Silent Church,” by Katherine Kelaidis

03/14/2017  “Orthodox Social Though: A Primer,” by Nicholas Sooy

03/09/2017 “Names Matter: An Argument for ‘Orthodox Christianity’,” by Zachary Ugolnik

03/07/2017 “Shared Ministry and Divine Grace: Restoring the Diaconate in Orthodoxy,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

03/02/2017  “Women Deacons in Africa; Not in America,” by Carrie Frederick Frost

02/27/2017  “Is the Russian Orthodox Church Pushing Battered Women into Feminism?” by Lena Zezulin

02/21/2017  “Civicness and Orthodoxy in Romanian Protests,” by Lucian Turcescu

02/16/2017  “‘Taking Orthodoxy to America’ – Thirty Years Later,” by Fr. Marc Dunaway

02/13/2017  “‘Beat her when you are along together’: Domestic Violence in the Russian Tradition, Past and Present,” by Nadieszda Kizenko

02/08/2017  “Speak Up for the Trees,” by Crina Gschwandtner

02/02/2017  “Pro-Life Means Pro-Social Justice,” by Fr. James Martin, SJ

01/30/2017  “Should Middle East Religious-Minority Refugees Be Prioritized?” by Samuel Tadros

01/27/2017  “Torture is a Crime — and a Moral Outrage,” by George Hunsinger

01/19/2017  “Orthodoxy and Race in Light of Trump’s Inauguration,” by Georgia Kasamias

01/16/2017  “Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement,” by Albert J. Raboteau

01/09/2017  “Why is the Church Silent about Anti-LGBT+ Violence in Russia?” by Katherine Kelaidis

12/17/2016  “The Politics of Pascha,” by Fr. Aidan Kimel

12/14/2016  “The Predicament of Egypt’s Copts,” by Michael Wahid Hanna

12/12/2016  “Is it Time to Relinquish Liturgical Greek?” by George Demacopoulos

12/09/2016  “Repentance and Healing,” by Samuel Bauer

12/06/2016  “On Behalf of Thinking,” by Crina Gschwandtner

12/02/2016  “The European Union, Russia, Religion, and Fear,” by Kristina Stoeckl

11/28/2016  “The Disarray and Hope of Our Post-Election Abortion Politics,” by Charles C. Camosy

11/24/2016  “Politics by Candlelight: Contemplating Political Catharsis and Illumination,” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis

11/21/2016  “The Challenge of the Other,” by Inga Leonova

11/17/2016  “New Testament Codex 1424 Returned to the Care of the Ecumenical Patriarchate,” by John Fotopoulos

11/11/2016  “Being Christian During a Trump Presidency,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

11/09/2016  “Healing the Body Politic: A Politics of Communion,” by Fr. John A. Jillions

11/02/2016  “Bishops in Council: Are They Represpentative?” by Peter Bouteneff

10/28/2016  “Taking Women Seriously,” by David J. Dunn

10/25/2016  “After the Yarovaya Laws: The Russian Orthodox Church and the ‘Traditional Values’ International at a Crossroads,” by Christopher Stroop

10/21/2016  “Issues Addressed and Issues Neglected: Official Orthodox-Catholic Relations,” by Thomas Bremer

10/18/2016  “The First Test for Orthodox Unity After the Holy and Great Council: The Chieti Document,” by Rev. Dr. Nicolas Kazarian

10/13/2016  “Why ‘Nones’ Are Leaving the Church,” by Michael Peppard

10/05/2016  “A Growing Rift Between Egypt’s Christians and Their Leaders Spells Trouble,” by Sarah E. Yerkes

09/28/2016  “Toward a Multicultural Symphonia: Orthodox Solidarity in an Age of Diversity,” by Chris Durante

09/21/2016  “Anarchism and Orthodoxy,” by Davor Džalto

09/15/2016  “Putin’s Unorthodox Orthodoxy,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou and George Demacopoulos

09/13/2016  “On Ecumenoclasm: Let Us Pray?” by Paul Ladouceur

09/09/2016  “Orthodox Theology and Economic Morality,” by Dylan Pahman

09/06/2016  “Orthodox Christian Rigorism: A Multifaceted Phenomenon,” by Vasilios N. Makrides

08/02/2016  “Person, Nature, and Personhood Theology,” by Doru Costache

07/13/2016  “On Ecumenoclasm: Who Is a Heretic?” by Paul Ladouceur

07/08/2016  “Challenges for Restoring the Byzantine Female Diaconate in Present Times,” by Ashley Purpura

07/05/2016  “Pope Francis’s Visit to Armenia: A Bridge Out of Isolation,” by Yelena Ambartsumian

07/01/2016  “The Fruit of the Holy and Great Council,” by Alberto Melloni

06/29/2016  “Brexit and the Great and Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church: The Return of Nationalism,” by Lucian N. Leustean

06/23/2016  “War and Peace in Today’s World,” by Nicholas Sooy

06/20/2016  “The Appeal of the Ukrainian Parliament and the Ecumenical Patriarchate,” by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

06/18/2016  “The Paradox of Unanimity: The Holy and Great Council,” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis, with Gayle Woloschak

06/17/2016  “The Synaxis of Primates: A Prelude to Conciliarity and Unity,” by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis, with Rev. Dr. Alexander Rentel

06/09/2016  “Some Reflections on the Approaching Great and Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church,” by Rev. Dr. Andrew Louth

06/05/2016  “On Ecumenoclasm: What Is Church?” by Paul Ladouceur

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