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The Stigmatisation of St. Francis
Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations

Saint Francis of Assisi: Icon of God’s Love for Our Troubled Times

by Alfred D. Turnipseed | Ελληνικά | ქართული | Русский | Српски Ah, life’s ironies! As it turns out, many of those who are against abortion (quite a few of whom are President Trump’s supporters) are making excuses for Trump’s decision to accept therapies derived from aborted fetal tissue as a (so-called) “cure” for COVID-19;...

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Public Life

Jacob Blake and My Struggle with GodDivine Love and the African American Mind

by Alfred D. Turnipseed On the morning of August 24, I was hot! I woke up as I usually do—to the morning’s light, with stares from my cat, awaiting his early meal. I turned on Morning Joe and opened up my iPhone’s newsfeed. This is what I saw: Black man shot multiple times by Wisconsin... Read more.
Culture and Arts, Theology

The Many Faces and the Many Colors of ChristIn Response to "White Jesus and Shaun King"

by Alfred D. Turnipseed I know and am friends with Addison Hodges Hart, author of “‘White Jesus’ and Shaun King,” published at Public Orthodoxy on June 26, 2020. And I should also note that I am in full agreement with Fr. Hart’s main thesis there: Notwithstanding the... Read more.