• Very Rev. Dr. Andrei Kordochkin

    Very Rev. Dr. Andrei Kordochkin

    Priest at St. Mary Magdalene Russian Orthodox Church (Madrid, Spain)

    Fr. Andrei Kordochkin has been a Russian Orthodox priest since 2002 and holds a PhD from the University of Durham, where he specialized in patristics. He also has an interest in church-state relations and has published the book Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar's? Is a Christian Obliged to be a Patriot? (in Russian). As a resident of Spain, he has also written on the history of Orthodoxy in that country. He has spoken widely in Spanish media on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and authored an open letter, signed by 293 Russian Orthodox priests, calling for an end to the war.

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Church History

Martyrdom without Miracles
The 9th-Century Church Controversy in Córdoba and Modern Orthodoxy

Between the years 850 and 859, something unexpected happened in Córdoba. Some forty-eight Christians were martyred. Contemporary church historians usually refer to them as “voluntary martyrs” because almost all of them, by their own will, presented themselves in front of the Muslim authorities and confessed themselves to be Christians, denouncing Islam and Mohammed as a...
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