• Rev. Bohdan Hladio

    Rev. Bohdan Hladio

    A Ukrainian Orthodox priest within the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

    Fr. Bohdan Hladio is a Ukrainian Orthodox priest within the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and a PhD student at the Toronto School of theology (2023).

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Of Camels and Gnats

As I write this, the drama surrounding the expulsion of the monks of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under Metropolitan Onuphry from the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is being played out, a drama simultaneously sad, understandable, and scandalous. I first visited the Lavra in November of 1988. A portion of the monastery had just been re-opened, and it...
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On Throwing Stones in Houses of Glass

български |  Ελληνικά | Русский  |  Српски Much breath and ink continues to be spent castigating the Patriarchate of Constantinople for its “uncanonical” bestowal of autocephaly upon the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU).  Characteristic are the words of newl... Read more.
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Church Life and Pastoral Care, Liturgical Life

Community or “Comspoonity”?

Ελληνικά | Русский One of the greatest impacts of the current pandemic is the effect it has had on interpersonal relations. The inability to embrace or hold a friend’s hand, the need for “social distancing,” and the knowledge that anyone we meet is potentially the carrier o... Read more.
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Ecclesiology, Inter-Orthodox Relations, Orthodoxy and Modernity

Schismophrenia: A Reflection on Ukrainian Autocephaly

“No earthly joy exists unmingled with sorrow” —St. John of Damascus We are all no doubt aware of the controversy surrounding the recent proclamation of autocephaly for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine by the Patriarchate of Constantinople. As a Ukrainian Orthodox priest, I cannot help bu... Read more.
Global Orthodoxy

Russia and Ukraine: The Empire’s New Old Clothes

The historical path of the Church in Ukraine is controverted and complex: both Moscow and Constantinople claim Ukraine as their canonical territory. As a result, one of the largest Orthodox Churches in the world has experienced schism for over twenty-five years. In April 2018 the Government of Ukrai... Read more.