• Boris Begović

    Boris Begović

    Professor of Economics (retired) at the School of Law, University of Belgrade

    Boris Begovic (1956) is a professor of economics at the School of Law, University of Belgrade (retired) and a senior fellow at the Center for Liberal-Democratic Studies (CLDS), Belgrade, Serbia. He received his education at the University in Belgrade, London School of Economic and JFK School of Government, Harvard University. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of the Belgrade Law Review (https://anali.rs/?scr=lat). His field of expertise includes economic analysis of law, political economy, economic growth, financial sector economics and economics of religion. In the recent years he become involved in studies of economic history (second half of 19th and first half of 20th century in Europe), and he has produced a number of papers linking findings of economics and the insights in F.M. Dostoevsky’s literature. He regularly publishes short stories in Serbian literary journals.

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Church Life and Pastoral Care

Economists vs. F.M. DostoyevskyThe Role of Christ’s Church in Crime and Punishment

It was Garry S. Becker who, in his seminal 1968 paper, introduced economics to the area of crime and punishment. Academic economists, who disagree among themselves about so many issues, concur about crime and punishment. Out of four main universally accepted motives of punishment (retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation [i.e., resocialization], and deterrence), economists agree that deterrence...
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Must Orthodoxy Be a Barrier to Liberal Democracy?The Case of Serbia 1903-1914

It is obvious that the fall of communism made the Orthodox face issues regarding democratic secularism. By secularism, I mean not the decline-of-religion meaning, which has been completely discredited, but secularism understood as pluralism, according to Aristotle Papanikolaou, as he defined it rece... Read more.
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