• Bradley Nassif

    Bradley Nassif

    Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, North Park University, Chicago

    Bradley Nassif, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, North Park University (Chicago). He is general editor of New Perspectives on Historical Theology: Essays in Memory of John Meyendorff (Eerdmans); B. Bingham and B. Nassif, The Philokalia: A Classic Text of Orthodox Spirituality (Oxford University Press); and author of Bringing Jesus to the Desert (Harper and Row). The New Republic has described him as “the leading academic expert on Eastern Orthodox and Evangelical dialogue.”

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The Evangelical Theology of the Orthodox Church

by Bradley Nassif The late Fr. John Meyendorff, whose name graces the Orthodox Christian Studies Center, emphasized the importance of dialogue with Protestant Evangelicals. He wrote, “…contacts with ‘Evangelicals’ are minimal, the primary reason being mutual ignorance and suspicion…. Such obstacles can and should be overcome within American society… If mutual ignorance still persists, it...

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The Holy Trinity and Same-Sex Marriage

Anyone watching the news today is aware that we are living in an age where secular forms of diversity and pluralism are valued over and above biblical truth. This applies especially to issues of gender and sexuality. Activists in the so-called LGBTQ movement have successfully challenged traditional ... Read more.
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Relations of the Orthodox Church with Other Christians and Their Communities

This essay was sponsored by the Orthodox Theological Society in America’s Special Project on the Holy and Great Council and published by the Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University. As recognized in the Chambésy pre-conciliar document, relations between the Orthodox Church and oth... Read more.