• Bryce E. Rich

    Orthodox Theologian

    Bryce E. Rich holds a PhD in Theology from the University of Chicago. His specializations include historical theology of the late-antique and medieval periods, queer theory and theologies, and modern religious thought.

    His research interests include theological anthropology, twentieth-century theologians of the Russian diaspora, and sacramentology.

    Bryce's first book, Gender Essentialism and Orthodoxy: Beyond Male and Female, is available from Fordham University Press.

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Ministry among LGBTQ+ Orthodox Faithful
Opportunities, Challenges, and Resources

Second panel session from the event “Seeking Harmony and Compassion: Pastoral Care and LGBTQ+ Orthodox Faithful,” held at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus on October 13, 2023. Panelists include Fr. Jerry Hall, Dr. Bryce Rich, Elizabeth Tzagournis, and Fr. Harry Pappas. As Orthodox Christians, we are called, first and foremost, to love all—for “God is...

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Bridging Voices Project, Gender and Sexuality

Gender Essentialism in Contemporary Orthodox Conversations on Homosexuality

by Bryce E. Rich This essay is part of a series stemming from the ongoing research project “Contemporary Eastern Orthodox Identity and the Challenges of Pluralism and Sexual Diversity in a Secular Age,” which is a joint venture by scholars from Fordham University’s Orthodox Christian Studies C... Read more.
Holy and Great Council, Orthodoxy and Modernity

Defending Human Dignity

by Fr. Robert M. Arida, Susan Ashbrook Harvey, David Dunn, Maria McDowell, Teva Regule, and Bryce E. Rich The authors of ‘The Mission of the Orthodox Church in Today’s World’ are to be commended for framing our shared ecclesial mission as one of making present the eschatologica... Read more.
Holy and Great Council

Marriage, Family, and Scripture

by Bryce E. Rich, Fr. Robert M. Arida, Susan Ashbrook Harvey, David Dunn, Maria McDowell, and Teva Regule  The title of the working document “The Sacrament of Marriage and Its Impediments” appears to promise a meaningful teaching on the spousal relationship. Instead, much of the docu... Read more.
Church Life and Pastoral Care, Holy and Great Council

Response to the Pre-Conciliar Document on Marriage and Its Impediments

by Fr. Robert M. Arida, Susan Ashbrook Harvey, David Dunn, Maria McDowell, Teva Regule, and Bryce E. Rich The document on marriage does not refer to its long and complex history and accompanying theology. What is offered to the faithful and to the world is a statement that bases marriage on a partic... Read more.