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Cristo Redentor statue

Newness under the Son

by Carrie Frederick Frost Is there nothing new under the sun? Is it the case that all of life is an ordered and predictable cycle? That what has been is what will be and what is done is what will be done (Eccl. 1:9)? This sense of the unending monotonous repetition of human experience is...

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Inter-Orthodox Relations

Making Church History in Romania

by Carrie Frederick Frost When I introduced Metropolitan Kallistos Ware at the International Orthodox Theological Association’s (IOTA) inaugural conference Opening Ceremony in Iaşi, Romania earlier this month, I told a story about my father—the son of Russian immigrants to West Virginia in the ... Read more.
Orthodoxy and Modernity, Public Life

Orthodox Christianity: Offering Material Piety to Twenty-first Century America

by Carrie Frederick Frost Material piety was central to the early Church and it flourishes to this day within Orthodox Christianity. That Christians would love the material, created world makes perfect sense—their God took on matter in order to appear in the world of His creation. And early Christ... Read more.