• Christina Nellist

    Co-Founder and President, Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals

    Dr. Christina Nellist, Ph.D. is an Eastern Orthodox theologian specializing in animal suffering and human soteriology. She is co-founder and president of the Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals charity and a board member of both the Animal Interfaith Alliance UK and the Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration in the USA. She is a Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics; former Visiting Research Fellow/Guest Lecturer at Winchester University; Guest Lecturer on Veterinary Ethics at Chile’s Iberia-America University and advisor to the Chilean Government, receiving an award for her work on stray-dog control via public health education. She is Honorary Chair and co-founder of the Orthodox Society of the Seychelles, co-founder of the Seychelles SPCA, and a former British government warden for the islands. She is a former educational consultant and teacher in the sciences and special education and has over 50 years in animal advocacy, both in the UK and abroad.

    Her publications include (as editor) Climate Crisis and Creation Care: Historical Perspectives, Ecological Integrity, and Justice and Climate Crisis and Sustainable Creaturely Care: Integrated Theology, Governance and Justice (both from Cambridge Scholars, 2021), and (as author) Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Animal Suffering: Ancient Voices in Modern Theology (Cambridge Scholars, 2020). She has also written an Amicus Curiae brief using Trinitarian theology and Justinian Roman Law, for the Non-Human Rights Project in the case of Happy, the elephant v James J. BREHENY, etc., et al., New York Court of Appeals (2022).

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Environmental Ethics

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