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    Christopher Howell

    PhD student in American Religion at Duke University

    Christopher Howell is a PhD student in American Religion at Duke University.

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Religion and Politics

The Russian World and the Hellenic World

български | ελληνικά | Română | Русский | Српски We are in the midst of a few anniversaries of note in the Greek world. Last year, of course, was the bicentennial of the war for independence. This year, it’s the centennial of the July 1922 founding of AHEPA, in Atlanta, and far more ignominiously, the...

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Religion and Science, Theology

Hope and the Ultimate Synthesis

by Christopher Howell | български | ქართული | ελληνικά | Română | Русский | Српски In two previous posts, I covered the scientist Theodosius Dobzhansky’s scientific and political views. The third area I would like to focus on is religion, where we are ... Read more.
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Religion and Science, Theology

The Camel and Needle

български | ქართული | ελληνικά Read Part 1: Between Darwin and Dostoevsky Freedom mattered to Theodosius Dobzhansky. He was concerned to articulate a scientific worldview in which Darwin buttressed free will, and he felt it helped answer the problem of evil (offering a... Read more.
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Religion and Science, Theology

Between Darwin and Dostoevsky

When he was young and Russia was in the throes of revolution, Theodosius Dobzhansky (1900-1975) felt the “urgency of finding a meaning of life…in the bloody tumult.” But he was stuck between two poles that drew him equally: religion and science. He loved Darwin and he loved Dostoevsky. “The ... Read more.
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Culture and Arts, Theology

George Seferis and the Freedom of Tradition

ελληνικά “I belong to a small country,” said the great Greek poet George Seferis in his Nobel Prize winning speech in 1963. “It is small, but its tradition is immense.” As wrangling over the word “tradition” has become an idle pastime, particularly on that domain of debauchery kn... Read more.
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