• Davor Džalto

    Professor of Religion, Art, and Democracy at University College Stockholm, Sweden

    Dr. Davor Džalto is Professor of Religion, Art, and Democracy at University College Stockholm. He is also President of The Institute for the Study of Culture and Christianity. Among his most recently published books are Anarchy and the Kingdom of God: From Eschatology to Orthodox Christian Political Theology and Back (2021), and Beyond Capitalist Dystopia: Rethinking Freedom and Democracy in the Age of Global Crises (2022).

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Religion and Politics

On the Need to (Re)Affirm Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights

The main thesis in this lecture is that we ought to (re)affirm human freedom, rights and democracy, and that this (re)affirmation needs to be done beyond, above, and against the predominant ideological systems that are usually called “Liberal-Democracy,” (Neo)Conservatism, various types of Authoritarianism or Techno-Totalitarianism (acknowledging the existence of many overlaps between them). Despite all...

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Religion and Politics, Theology

Orthodoxy and (Anarcho) Socialism

Christ is risen!Workers of the world, unite! Are these two exclamations mutually exclusive? Can one be an (Orthodox) Christian and an anarchist or a socialist? It all depends on what one means by “Orthodoxy” (or “Christianity” for that matter), and what one means by “socialism” or “ana... Read more.
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Orthodoxy and Modernity, Theology

Give Us This Day Our Daily Portion of Nationalism…

I tried to stay away from publicly expressing my thoughts on the current church/autocephaly crisis in Ukraine, for many reasons. First of all, there are much more competent people who know the situation better than I do. Second, the issue of autocephaly of the church in Ukraine has, by now, escalate... Read more.

International Day of Peace 2017: Conflicts and Threats Beyond the Left and the Right

September 21 is observed annually as the International Day of Peace. This year’s theme, the UN informs us, is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” It sounds nice indeed, but what does it mean for the people on this planet? Are we aware of the scale of tensions, conflicts ... Read more.
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Holy and Great Council, Orthodoxy and Modernity

Orthodoxy, Human Rights & Secularization

This essay was sponsored by the Orthodox Theological Society in America’s Special Project on the Holy and Great Council and published by the Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University. “The Mission of the Orthodox Church in Today’s World” offers a clear reaffirmation of the “d... Read more.
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