• Archpriest Georgy Roy

    Priest to the Belarusian community of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Vilnius, Lithuania

    From 2004 to 2013, Archpriest Georgy Roy taught Historical Liturgics and Missiology at the Minsk Spiritual Academy and Seminary. Upon the invitation of Archbishop Artemy (Kishchenko) of Grodno, he transferred to serve in the Grodno Diocese. He served at the ancient Borisoglebskaya Kolozhskaya Church from the 12th century and, since 2015, has been the rector of the Holy Protection Cathedral in Grodno. He also served as the rector of the Grodno Laity Theological Collegium. He was a member of the Biblical-Theological Commission of the Belarusian Orthodox Church for the translation of the Holy Scripture of the New Testament into the Belarusian language and participated in the work of the Liturgical Commission of the Belarusian Exarchate.

    After the presidential elections in 2020, he publicly condemned falsifications and violence against peaceful Belarusian protesters and provided assistance to those detained. As a result of these activities, he was removed from the position of cathedral rector and assigned to serve in the church in Kvasovka village. In 2022, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he publicly condemned the war and became one of the signatories of the Appeal by Clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church, calling for reconciliation and an end to the war. His public statements caused extreme dissatisfaction among Belarus's state and ecclesiastical authorities. Due to security threats, he left Belarus in March 2023, relocated to Lithuania, and was received into the clergy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate as a priest to the Belarusian community in Vilnius.

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