• Giacomo Sanfilippo

    Founding editor of the "Orthodoxy in Dialogue" blog

    Giacomo Sanfilippo is an Orthodox Christian, former priest, founding editor of the "Orthodoxy in Dialogue" blog, and PhD candidate in Theological Studies at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. He is most known in Orthodox circles worldwide for his work in sexuality, gender, and Orthodox theology. His thesis-in-progress focuses on Father Pavel Florensky's "Friendship," an autobiographical account of his theology and spirituality of same-sex love.

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Conjugal Friendship

One of the more useful insights of postmodernism, so self-evident that it hardly needs to be said, is that reframing one’s fundamental question will produce a different answer. To the question, “Can two persons of the same gender ‘have sex’ with each other?” we hear from Holy Tradition a resounding no. Yet if we ask,...

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