• Graham McGeoch

    Graham McGeoch

    Theologian and minister of the Church of Scotland

    Graham McGeoch is a theologian and minister of the Church of Scotland. He served on the Executive & Central Committee of the WCC (2006-2013), and as Depute Moderator of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (2014-2017). He teaches theology at Faculdade Unida in Vitoria, Brazil.

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Global Orthodoxy

Religion and Politics in Brazil: Orthodox Influences

  The recent elections in Brazil have once again placed religion and politics at the fore of public debates. Not surprisingly, the election of President Jair Bolsonaro has focused attention on the growing influence of Evangelicals in Brazilian politics. This factor is now frequently touted alongside the affirmation that Brazil is the largest Roman Catholic...

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Orthodoxy and Modernity

Liberating Ecumenism

Conciliar Ecumenism reflects the institutional models of its formative period. Conciliar Ecumenism has been interpreted by the World Council of Churches as the coming together of Christians – locally, regionally or globally – for common prayer, counsel and decision. In addition, the search for u... Read more.
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