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The “Kairos” of the Late Metropolitan of Pergamon John D. Zizioulas

by Pantelis Kalaitzidis | Русский Originally published in Greek at Polymeros kai Polytropos, a publication of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies “Chronos (chronological or sequential time) is imbued with meaning by kairos (the opportune time), and kairos is nothing more than a stop, a way station, from which we can survey the past and...
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Falling into the Future: The Respite of Eschatological Awareness

In his 1985 Being as Communion, Metropolitan John Zizioulas described two distinct, yet complementary notions of the Church’s Apostolic identity. The first pertains to the unbroken historical succession of bishops from the time of Christ—in other words the preservation of the Church’s identity... Read more.
Ecclesiology, Liturgical Life, Theology

The Church without the Eucharist Is No Longer the Church

ελληνικά | ру́сский | српски We wish to hear your views on the current situation, since your theology plays a great role in the present circumstances. Metropolitan John: My theology, unfortunately, cannot be applied. In Greece they have already closed the churches, and the Divi... Read more.
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