• Justin Shaun Coyle

    Justin Shaun Coyle

    Theology Professor at Mount Angel Seminary outside Portland, OR

    Justin Shaun Coyle (PhD, Boston College) teaches theology at Mount Angel Seminary outside Portland, OR.

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The Whole Mystery of Christ

(Book Panel) Jordan Daniel Wood: The Whole Mystery of ChristCreation as Incarnation in Maximus Confessor

Jordan Daniel Wood’s The Whole Mystery of Christ: Creation as Incarnation in Maximus Confessor (Notre Dame, 2022) provocatively re-reads Maximus as if he means what he says. Panelists explore the book’s promise for theology: historical, systematic, and beyond. Panel discussion with response by the author.

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Education and Academia, Theology

How I Teach Atheism to Seminarians

Decorum sometimes wrests from friends and family desultory queries about my job. They know I teach at a seminary, so they ask after my courses. “Mostly church history this semester,” I say. “Some modern philosophy, and a course on atheism.” “Atheism?” many balk. Others of more urbane sen... Read more.
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Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, Liturgical Life

In Defense of Uniate Idiosyncrasy

Recently I made up my mind to visit Eastern Catholic parishes. Though canonically Roman Catholic, I have long known my theological portion to fall with Origen and his heirs. But for reasons now dark to my gaze my theological predilections did not translate to liturgical ones. Until anyhow they did... Read more.