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Culture and Arts

Contemporary Orthodox Fiction

by Katherine Kelaidis | ქართული | Ελληνικά | Русский | Српски The Brothers Karamazov is unarguably one of the greatest pieces of prose fiction ever written. It is also a distinctly Orthodox novel, that is to say a novel infused with the theology, customs, and culture of the Orthodox Church. Much of the work of...

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Our Problem with Forgiveness

by Katherine Kelaidis | ελληνικά | ру́сский People really like Hell. Or at least they really like the idea of Hell. And many are positively gleeful at the notion of some or another of their fellow human beings being tormented forever in its fiery furnaces (that’s right, forever, f... Read more.
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Culture and Arts, Orthodoxy and Modernity, Women in the Church

Headscarves, Modesty, and Modern Orthodoxy

by Katherine Kelaidis Yiayia Kay kept her scarves in the far upper right hand corner of the long light oak dresser. By the time I was old enough to remember, she never took them out except to garden. She would drape one of the silk covers over her perfectly coiffed hair to protect it against...... Read more.
Public Life

St. Kassiani, Sex Workers, and FOSTA-SESTA

by Katherine Kelaidis  |  ελληνικά  |  ру́сский This is not an essay 1) advocating sex work or 2) denying the need for repentance. This is an essay asking us to reconsider how we treat sex workers. If there is one thing that even the most theologically illiterate can accurat... Read more.
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Church Life and Pastoral Care, Gender and Sexuality

My Gay Orthodox Friend’s Suicide

by Katherine Kelaidis  |  ελληνικά  |  ру́сский Last August, the first real friend I ever made at church took his own life. Jonathan (not his real name) was a year ahead of me at Cal where we met my freshman year. He was received into the Orthodox Church during the weekly litu... Read more.