• Katherine Karam McCray

    Katherine Karam McCray

    Doctoral candidate in religious ethics at the University of Toronto

    Katherine Karam McCray is a doctoral candidate in religious ethics at the University of Toronto focusing on disability ethics and Eastern Orthodox theological anthropology. Her research investigates Christian representations of disability and reconstructs an Eastern moral philosophy around dependency, using the iconographic representation of the human being as an image of interdependency. Her work on dependency as human ontology will be featured in a special edition of the Zygon Journal of Science and Religion on Eastern Orthodoxy and science around the world, a project funded by the Templeton World Foundation. In addition to her academic research, McCray is the facilitator for Mental Health Ministries of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops. Serving with Bp John (Abdalah), in this role, she oversees the Assembly of Bishops’ first book-workbook series written by clinicians and Orthodox faith leaders on topics of mental health and community support.

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