• Nikolaos Asproulis

    Nikolaos Asproulis

    Deputy Director of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies and Lecturer at Hellenic Open University

    Nikolaos Asproulis is the Deputy Director of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies and Lecturer at Hellenic Open University.

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baptism of infant
Liturgical Life

Baptism à la Carte: Or Why the Orthodox Need to Discuss Human Identity Seriously

български | ქართული | ελληνικά | Română | Русский | Српски It was a normal Greek summer day in July 2022, before an Orthodox baptism provoked a fervent debate, or another episode in the “culture wars,” regarding the requirements (are there any?) of a child being baptized in the Church. Although Greeks are accustomed to reading about Church activities in newspapers and on...

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Public Life

Racism and Otherness

български | ქართული | Română | Русский | Српски This essay was first published in Greek at Polymeros kai Polytropos, the blog of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies. In our time, racism has many faces. Sometimes it manifests itself in a more visible w... Read more.
Also available in: Română | Српски | ქართული | български | Русский
Orthodoxy and Modernity, Religion and Politics, Theology

Personhood as “Glocal Citizenship”: Its Christian Roots and the Challenge of the Immigrant Crisis

български | ქართული | Ελληνικά | Русский | Српски In the midst of the dominant globalization process, as experienced in various areas of life (economy, politics, new modes of communication, technology, or common dangers such as terrorism, environmental cat... Read more.
Also available in: ქართული | Ελληνικά | български | Српски | Русский
Orthodoxy and Modernity, Public Life

The Greek Orthodox Church Meets Secularization

Since the establishment of the Modern Greek state (1830), the Greek Orthodox Church has functioned more or less as one of the (perhaps the most important) institutions of the state and continues to enjoy certain symbolic and other privileges (“prevailing religion”) granted by the Constitution. T... Read more.
Environmental Ethics

“Towards a Greener Attica”: On the Occasion of an Ecological Symposium Hosted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate

The ecological crisis is nowadays the most urgent problem facing humanity. It is a complex threat, which puts at risk not only a part of the planet but the entire environment, endangering the very survival of the human species and the natural world.  As a result of extreme egocentric interpretation... Read more.