• Rev. Dr. Philip Zymaris

    Rev. Dr. Philip Zymaris

    Assistant Professor of Liturgics at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

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Liturgical Life

Ephesians 5:20-33 as the Epistle Reading for the Rite of Marriage: Appropriate or Problematic?

In modern times the appropriateness of the established Epistle Lesson (Ephes. 5:20-33) in the rite of marriage has been questioned.  How is it perceived by the contemporary listener and what does it say about spousal relationships? At a basic level this established passage can be understood within the context of the household code adapted to...
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Christian Practice, Holy and Great Council

Reflection on “The Importance of Fasting and Its Observance Today”

In accordance with Orthodox Christian scriptural and patristic tradition, fasting finds its origins in the divine commandment given in paradise (Gen 2.16-17; St. Basil, On Fasting 1.3; PG 31.168A), where man is invited to honor his relationship with God by obedience. One sees God thereby as the bene... Read more.
Church Life and Pastoral Care, Holy and Great Council

Pastoral Challenges for Marriage in Contemporary Orthodoxy

In preparation for the Great and Holy Council to be held on Crete in June, 2016, the Orthodox bishops have issued a preconciliar document on the sacrament of marriage. The document’s main thrust is to illuminate the core teaching on marriage and its sanctity from the Orthodox perspective. Marr... Read more.