• Polina Spirova

    Polina Spirova

    Senior Lecturer in Religious Pedagogy at St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Bulgaria

    Polina Spirova holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Religious Pedagogy and Assistant at the Department of Practical Theology within the Faculty of Theology at St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia (Bulgaria). In 2008, she successfully defended her dissertation titled "Orthodox religious education in the discourse of nonviolence" at the same university. Previously, she served as an editor for the "Church Herald" newspaper of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and contributed to the founding and editorial work of the Internet information project "Doors of Orthodoxy." Spirova has authored numerous studies focusing on religious education in Bulgaria.

    She is actively involved in educational initiatives, notably leading a project aimed at creating textbooks for elementary school students in grades one through three. These textbooks integrate educational content with Christian knowledge and are utilized in both Bulgarian schools and those in Western Europe catering to Bulgarian students. Additionally, Spirova spearheads the "Icons Tell Stories" project, which involves curating and publishing a collection of icons from the Rila Monastery for use in religion lessons.

    Among her notable achievements is the publication of the book "Icons Tell," designed for children, as well as an adapted edition of the same book tailored for individuals with visual impairments. Spirova continues to contribute to various projects aimed at enriching religious education and fostering a deeper understanding of Christian traditions within Bulgaria and beyond.

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