• Rev. Calum Samuelson

    Rev. Calum Samuelson

    Doctoral Candidate at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (Cambridge, UK)

    Reverend Calum Samuelson is an ordained minister in the Free Methodist Church and a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, England. He has taught theology to hundreds of university students in Chicago and Nairobi. His main area of academic focus is Ethiopian monasticism, and he is involved in several international projects that aim to preserve, catalogue, transcribe, and translate Medieval Ethiopic manuscripts (e.g. The Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project [EMIP] and the Beta Maṣāḥǝft [Universität Hamburg]). Calum is a leader in the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative and also works closely with the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. In all of these activities, he strives to remedy misunderstandings between different Christian traditions and foster deeper modes of fellowship.

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