• Sarah Livick-Moses

    Sarah Livick-Moses

    Doctoral Candidate in Systematic Theology at Boston College

    Sarah Livick-Moses is a doctoral candidate at Boston College in Systematic Theology. She is the Managing Editor at the Journal of Religion and the Arts, serves on the Steering Committee for the Eastern Orthodox Studies Unit at the American Academy of Religion, and is a Graduate Fellow with the Northeastern University Research Initiative for the Study of Russian Philosophy, Literature, and Religious Thought. She is also a member of international and ecumenical research groups connected with the Pro Oriente Foundation which explore the "Healing of Wounded Memories" and "Orthodoxy and Social Peace."

    She works in contemporary systematic theology with a focus on the 20th c. Russian-Paris émigré school of theological thought, as well as the reception of mystical theology in conversations concerned with intersectionality (sexuality, gender, and race). She has also written on Christian spirituality as engaged with trauma, psychoanalysis, and politics. Sarah is currently writing her dissertation on the doctrines of Trinity and creation in Sergii Bulgakov’s major theological writings, exploring the implications of the “iconicity of the world” in Bulgakov’s sophiological vision for Orthodox Christian theology and spirituality.

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