• Tatjana Paunesku

    Tatjana Paunesku

    Research Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Northwestern University School of Medicine

    Tatjana Paunesku, PhD is Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at Northwestern University School of Medicine.

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Religion and Science

Evolution and Science Curriculum Debates in Serbia

Recently in Serbia “a group of interested citizens” with signatures from more than 50 academicians and 100 additional people with postgraduate degrees (including 5 clergyman) released a petition to “revise the curriculum for study of evolution.” This petition was circulated to Serbian universities, as well as to several government bodies responsible for education including Ministry...

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Public Life, Religion and Politics

Science, Truth, and the Current Political Climate

Orthodox involvement in world affairs is increasingly becoming necessary; a faith that cares about “true worship” must be ready to defend not only spiritual Truth but the truths that underlie it as well. Orthodox Christians, and indeed most religious traditions, value truth and truthfulness. For... Read more.