• Varvara Gulina

    Varvara Gulina

    Graduate Research Assistant at the University of California San Diego

    Varvara Gulina is a daughter of a Russian-Ukrainian Orthodox priest and an iconographer. Ever since she was a very small child, Varvara assisted her father in house blessings, baptisms, funerals, and visiting those who are sick and dying (both in the U.S. and Russia). Varvara also sings, chants, and reads within the Orthodox Church and has been recently receiving blessings to hold the censor for some of her ministry. She attained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and completed her MPH in Leadership and Public Health Practice, with an emphasis on gender-based violence in Slavic cultures. Varvara is currently a Ph.D. student at San Diego State University, within the School of Social Work, focusing her research on the intersection between violence against women and substance use disorders. She continues to serve abused women, ministering to them inside and outside the Church, and provides them with support, help, and resources. Varvara deeply loves the Orthodox Church and is passionate about helping girls and women to encounter who they are in Christ, inspiring and encouraging them to pursue their God-given purposes.

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