Short Reads on January 2016

Ecclesiology, Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations

The Great Synod of the Orthodox Church and Christian Unity: Another View

Orthodox Christians throughout the world exhibit a range of different attitudes towards other Christians and with respect to the cause of inter-Christian relations more generally. It is commonly assumed however that the Holy and Great Council planned for 2016 is meant to reaffirm the case for Christian reunification as well as the manner of its…

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Can Anything Good Come out of a Pan-Orthodox Council?
Ecclesiology, Global Orthodoxy

Can Anything Good Come out of a Pan-Orthodox Council? A Response to Detractors

The Patriarchate of Constantinople has been at the forefront of planning a Great and Holy Council, which will gather together the leaders of all fourteen self-governing Orthodox Churches. While the Council has its share of supporters, there are influential groups within the Orthodox Church that oppose the Council for political and theological reasons. What are…

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Trump and Transgression
Religion and Politics

Trump and Transgression

Although there are, as many commentators have observed, social and economic factors at play, a perhaps more significant key to understanding the popularity of Donald Trump’s campaign is its sheer transgressive quality.  In this sense I would suggest that Trump’s campaign is a phenomenon entirely in keeping with an essential dynamic of our cultural fabric….

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Global Orthodoxy

New Orthodox Geopolitics

The Orthodox Church is a complex geopolitical reality, and does not constitute a homogenous block. On the contrary, the rise of irredentism during the 19th century has created the basis for constant fragmentation throughout the 20th century. A series of historical events have reduced the territory of Orthodox communities, leading local populations to leave for…

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