Short Reads on September 2020

Freedom of Speech in the Church
Religion and the Academy

Freedom of Speech in the Church The Serbian Test Case

български | Ελληνικά | Română | Русский | Српски When, in March 2020, Serbian Patriarch Irinej officially sanctioned Dr. Vukašin Milićević, a priest and assistant professor of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology (FOT) at the University of Belgrade, it became clear that the recent interference of higher clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) in…

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Reflection on Faith and Science in Light of Covid-19
Religion and Science

Reflection on Faith and Science in Light of Covid-19

български | Ελληνικά Science seeks truth in the natural world through observation and experimentation. Scientists are driven by curiosity, which encourages inventive thought, leading them to discover how nature works. Science is a tool to penetrate into the unknown physical world, which at first might seem incomprehensible. However, scientists know that within this perceived obscurity…

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Ready for the COVID Vaccine?
Ethics, Religion and Science

Ready for the COVID Vaccine? An Orthodox Perspective

ελληνικά | Română COVID has changed the lifestyles of almost every American (and even most citizens of the globe) since March 15 when quarantine orders, stay-at-home orders, mask orders, work limitations, social distancing, and many other such measures began. In many locations, these orders are in effect “until a vaccine for COVID is available.” The presumption…

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Tell the Truth: We Must Have No Bogus History

Tell the Truth: We Must Have No Bogus History

Ελληνικά “We must have no bogus history.” Austin Farrer, the great Anglican theologian, drew a line in the sand for Christians living in our post/modern era. We can’t erase, hide, or ignore history. Our #cancelled and #metoo and #woke friends won’t let us get away with it. In the good old days, we could hide…

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Jacob Blake and My Struggle with God
Public Life

Jacob Blake and My Struggle with God Divine Love and the African American Mind

On the morning of August 24, I was hot! I woke up as I usually do—to the morning’s light, with stares from my cat, awaiting his early meal. I turned on Morning Joe and opened up my iPhone’s newsfeed. This is what I saw: Black man shot multiple times by Wisconsin police; video of incident…

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