Short Reads on January 2024

A Perfect Example of the East-West Combination
Culture and Arts

A Perfect Example of the East-West Combination In Memoriam of Protopresbyter Ivan Moody (1964-2024)

“Everything I write I hope is written to praise the Creator”Protopresbyter Ivan Moody The problem with writing something about a man who has done so much is that he’s done so much. Where does one begin without simply writing a biography or a chronology? But for those who don’t know him, perhaps something of his…

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Origen among the Critics
Biblical Studies, Theology

Origen among the Critics

What has Alexandria—or Antioch, for that matter—to do with the Society of Biblical Literature? At first blush, it would seem like the quasi-scientific aspirations of source criticism, say, stand further from the exegetical habits of both Didymus the Blind and Theodore of Mopsuestia than either of their respective commentarial practices stood from one another. Theirs…

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