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Orthodoxy and (Anarcho) Socialism
Religion and Politics, Theology

Orthodoxy and (Anarcho) Socialism Post-Easter and Mayday Meditations

Christ is risen!Workers of the world, unite! Are these two exclamations mutually exclusive? Can one be an (Orthodox) Christian and an anarchist or a socialist? It all depends on what one means by “Orthodoxy” (or “Christianity” for that matter), and what one means by “socialism” or “anarchism.” Orthodox Christianity, in my view, cannot fully be…

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Orthodoxy, Capitalism, and “the West”
Religion and Politics

Orthodoxy, Capitalism, and “the West” Is Orthodox Christianity Stuck in the Past?

In a recent essay for the Bloomberg View, Leonid Bershidsky attempts to explain why traditionally-Orthodox countries “remain stuck” in the anti-capitalist, anti-Western, and authoritarian mindset characteristic of the communist era. Drawing support from a new World Bank working paper, Bershidsky locates the source of this mindset in supposed theological differences between Eastern and Western Christianity….

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