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The Camel and Needle
Religion and Science, Theology

The Camel and Needle Lessons from a Russian Orthodox Scientist, Part 2

български | ქართული | ελληνικά Read Part 1: Between Darwin and Dostoevsky Freedom mattered to Theodosius Dobzhansky. He was concerned to articulate a scientific worldview in which Darwin buttressed free will, and he felt it helped answer the problem of evil (offering an early version of the “free process defense” to natural evil, similar to…

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Rebellion at the Heart of the Bible
Religion and Politics, Theology

Rebellion at the Heart of the Bible A Theology of Rebellion

Ελληνικά In the context of contemporary events, protests, and the revolt spreading throughout Serbia, the matter can also be seen from a theological point of view. It is hard to say how well the churchgoing people are managing in all this. On the public stage, there are but a handful of voices that are perceived…

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Lent as Liberation

Lent as Liberation

How would you describe Orthodox Christianity in one word?” This question was posed to a panel of scholars at a Theology conference several years ago. A few of the panelists gave their answers—offering responses like “Liturgy,” “Authentic,” “Theosis,” and “Traditional.” Then the final panelist, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, gave his reply: “Freedom,” he said, “Orthodoxy is…

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