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Gender Essentialism in Contemporary Orthodox Conversations on Homosexuality
Bridging Voices Project, Gender and Sexuality

Gender Essentialism in Contemporary Orthodox Conversations on Homosexuality

This essay is part of a series stemming from the ongoing research project “Contemporary Eastern Orthodox Identity and the Challenges of Pluralism and Sexual Diversity in a Secular Age,” which is a joint venture by scholars from Fordham University’s Orthodox Christian Studies Center and the University of Exeter, funded by the British Council, Friends of…

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Beyond the Binary<span class='secondary-title'>Hymnographic Constructions of Orthodox Gender</span>
Gender and Sexuality, Liturgical Life

Beyond the BinaryHymnographic Constructions of Orthodox Gender

Much like gender itself, Orthodox understandings of gender span a spectrum of diverse views. Many who address “the problem of gender” or the “role of women in the church” rely on an assumption that any theological interpretation of gender is necessarily situated along a cisgender binary. Simply, individuals with male bodies identify as “men” and…

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