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Better the Godless East than the Immoral West
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Better the Godless East than the Immoral West Great Power Logic and the Approach of the Russian Orthodox Church towards China

български | ελληνικά | Română | Русский | Српски Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, experts have been scrupulously analyzing the Russian Orthodox Church’s (ROC) reaction to the conflict. Its support for the Kremlin triggered comments about the Church being a state-controlled ideology entrepreneur which has confused Christian values with imperial geopolitics. Indeed, the inclination towards…

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Global Orthodoxy

New Orthodox Geopolitics

The Orthodox Church is a complex geopolitical reality, and does not constitute a homogenous block. On the contrary, the rise of irredentism during the 19th century has created the basis for constant fragmentation throughout the 20th century. A series of historical events have reduced the territory of Orthodox communities, leading local populations to leave for…

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