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Human Beings or Human Persons?
Holy and Great Council, Theology

Human Beings or Human Persons?

One of the liveliest exchanges at the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church in June 2016 concerned which Greek words should be used in Council documents to refer to humans: anthrōpos (“human being”); or anthrōpino prosōpo (or simply prosōpon) (“human person”). The main protagonists in this debate were, in the anthrōpos corner, Metropolitan…

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Innovation in the Guise of Tradition <br><span style='color:#8D8381;font-size:18px;'>Anti-Ecumenist Efforts to Derail the Great and Holy Council</span>
Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, Holy and Great Council

Innovation in the Guise of Tradition
Anti-Ecumenist Efforts to Derail the Great and Holy Council

Image: Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus The documents approved by the Primates of the Church for the Great and Holy Council are not particularly controversial. They are the product of consensus, negotiated over decades, that often repeat previous declarations rather than addressing the more challenging questions that face the modern Church. The one possible exception is…

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