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History is Not Your Friend
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History is Not Your Friend Christian Pacifism and the Imagined Past

It perhaps goes without saying that we have a tendency to construct our historical narratives less out of concern for accurately depicting the past and more out of a desire to make sense of the present, particularly where “making sense” means finding in history evidence for our own views with respect to contemporary debates. In…

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Tell the Truth: We Must Have No Bogus History

Tell the Truth: We Must Have No Bogus History

Ελληνικά “We must have no bogus history.” Austin Farrer, the great Anglican theologian, drew a line in the sand for Christians living in our post/modern era. We can’t erase, hide, or ignore history. Our #cancelled and #metoo and #woke friends won’t let us get away with it. In the good old days, we could hide…

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