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Islam from an Orthodox Perspective<span class='secondary-title'>A Review of Paragraph 56 of the Social Ethos Document</span>
Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations

Islam from an Orthodox PerspectiveA Review of Paragraph 56 of the Social Ethos Document

Ελληνικά When I first read paragraph 56 of For the Life of the World: Toward A Social Ethos of the Orthodox Church, I immediately had the sense that it represented a major step forward in Muslim-Orthodox relations. I think it is important to call special attention to this part of the text, because this paragraph…

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The Word of God and World Religions

This essay was originally delivered as a public talk at the June 2015 Fordham/OTSA conference on the upcoming Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church. It was part of a panel on “The Contribution of the Orthodox Church to the Realization of Justice, Freedom, Brotherhood, and Love among Peoples.” There is no one topic…

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