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A Forgotten Orthodox Woman Theologian<span class='secondary-title'>Myrrha Lot-Borodine and the Mystical Theology of Deification</span>
Theology, Women in the Church

A Forgotten Orthodox Woman TheologianMyrrha Lot-Borodine and the Mystical Theology of Deification

Four women were particularly prominent in Orthodox theological circles in Western Europe prior to World War II. Mother Maria (St Maria of Paris) (1891-1945) is well known, especially since her canonization 2004, for her devotion to assisting the poor in inter-war Paris and Jews during World War II, and her challenging articles on spiritual and…

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Benedict and Sophia
Orthodoxy and Modernity, Theology

Benedict and Sophia

Image: iStock.com/GC402 Over the past four years, Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option” has become a catch-phrase for a certain kind of conservative Christian community in North America. Many Orthodox churches are striving to carve out a niche within this religious marketplace, promoting the stability of Orthodoxy in contrast to current Western Christian brands. Indeed, such stability…

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