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Patristic Roots for a Right to Health?<span class='secondary-title'>Divine Kinship, Citizenship, and COVID-19</span>
Public Life

Patristic Roots for a Right to Health?Divine Kinship, Citizenship, and COVID-19

by D. Brendan Johnson Human rights are contentious: do they exist? Where are they from? And how do we know which specific rights should count as human rights? Is there an Orthodox case to be made for human rights? Indeed, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic raises the specific question of a right to health and healthcare,…

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Father Sergius Bulgakov: Personhood, Inequality, and Economics
Religion and Politics, Theology

Father Sergius Bulgakov: Personhood, Inequality, and Economics

български | Ελληνικά | ქართული | Русский | Српски In a recent piece in the New York Times, Jamelle Bouie writes: Our society was built on the racial segmentation of personhood. Some people were full humans, guaranteed non-enslavement, secured from expropriation and given the protection of law, and some people – blacks, Natives and other…

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