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The Ecumenism of the Pro-Life Movement

by Fr. James Martin, SJ  |  ελληνικά  |  ру́сский  |  српски

One of the most effective collaborations among the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant traditions in the United States has been the pro-life movement, which for more than 40 years has sought to give witness to the Christian confession that all life is sacred, including life in the womb. Indeed, while some Christians in each tradition have, sadly, maligned one another in other contexts, they have largely pulled together for the cause of the what’s become known as the pro-life movement.

But if we are to take the next step in the ecumenical vision of the sanctity of all life, then we must collectively move beyond the divisions of party politics and bring the pro-life movement to its ineluctable conclusion.  This means that we must advocate for the sanctity of all life, not just life in the womb.

What Christians of all traditions are increasingly coming to understand is that to be consistently pro-life also means to be pro-social justice. Continue Reading…

Pro-Life Means Pro-Social Justice

by Fr. James Martin, SJ  |  ру́сский


I am pro-life.

That means that I’m also pro-social justice.

That means that I am not only for the dignity of the human being from the moment of conception, but also for the dignity of the human being until the natural end of life. For life does not end with birth. A person who is truly pro-life is pro-all life, pro-every stage of life, pro-every stage of life for every person. For all life is sacred, because all life is created by God.

That means that I support anything that helps a person live a full, healthy and satisfying life, in every part of the world. Continue Reading…

Archbishop Iakovos, Martin Luther King Jr., and The Challenge of Selma

by Andrew Estocin

The third Monday in the month of January is set aside by Americans to honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.  King’s witness in life and death continues to call society to see every person as created in the image and likeness of God and worthy of equal treatment under the law.

One of the most significant moments in American Orthodox history took place when Archbishop Iakovos of North and South America chose to march against racial segregation laws alongside King in Selma, Alabama. This event was made famous on the cover of Life Magazine and serves as a reminder that the Orthodox Christian Faith is not a museum of history but a way of living in the world that must be acted upon with care and courage.  The fact that the most distinguished bishop in American Orthodoxy chose to march with King is a reminder that the Church can learn much from America’s leading civil rights leader. Continue Reading…