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The Russian-Ukrainian War is Now a Theological Crisis
Religion and Conflict, Religion and Politics, Theology

The Russian-Ukrainian War is Now a Theological Crisis

In his 2006 book titled The Civil War as a Theological Crisis, historian Mark Noll argued that the American Civil War of the 19th century was, among other things, a crisis not only of differing biblical interpretations but of the very concept of the Bible. The South and the North interpreted the Scriptural outlook on…

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Must Orthodoxy Be a Barrier to Liberal Democracy?
Orthodoxy and Modernity, Religion and Politics

Must Orthodoxy Be a Barrier to Liberal Democracy? The Case of Serbia 1903-1914

It is obvious that the fall of communism made the Orthodox face issues regarding democratic secularism. By secularism, I mean not the decline-of-religion meaning, which has been completely discredited, but secularism understood as pluralism, according to Aristotle Papanikolaou, as he defined it recently at his keynote lecture, “A Christian Secularism,” at the conference, “Religion in…

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Toward a Multicultural Symphonia: Orthodox Solidarity in an Age of Diversity

With all of the controversies concerning non-attendance at the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church that took place in Crete this past June, I would like to propose that a re-conceptualization of the Byzantine religio-political ideal of symphonia might be able to speak to the issue of the Orthodox world’s internal cultural diversity…

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