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Should Orthodox Christians Leave Patriarch Kirill to Caesar?
Ecclesiology, Inter-Orthodox Relations, Religion and Conflict

Should Orthodox Christians Leave Patriarch Kirill to Caesar? A Response to Fr. John Chryssavgis

Since the recent article by my deeply respected friend and teacher Fr. John Chryssavgis caused heated arguments, I, as a Ukrainian, would like to respond by clarifying certain issues, expressing my appreciation, and presenting criticism. The most important points that Fr. John makes are the following: (1) that church and world are not two separate…

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Crisis in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Crisis in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church Sobornost or Authoritarianism?

In the Bulgarian Orthodox Church (BOC), elections are taking place: in the coming months the metropolitan of one of the largest seaside dioceses, Sliven, and then the Bulgarian patriarch, will be elected. Of course, the election of a diocesan bishop cannot be called a unique event in the life of the BOC, but this time…

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Who Guards the Guardians?
Ecclesiology, Theology

Who Guards the Guardians? Who Speaks for the Church?

In recent days several articles have appeared on this site raising profound, difficult, and unsettling questions. Sr. Vassa bravely asked whether “heresy” is a charge that can be applied to the “Edict” of the XXV “All-World Council of the Russian People,” approved under the chairmanship of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow on March 27, 2024, concluding,…

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Casting the First Stone of Heresy
Ecclesiology, Inter-Orthodox Relations

Casting the First Stone of Heresy Let's Leave God Out of This!

In previous years, weeks, and days, I have seen—and, in one instance, supported—a variegated condemnation of the Moscow Patriarch—his preaching and practice alike—as heretical. The “Russian World” ideology has been denounced as unorthodox and heretical. The “Edict” of the World Russian People’s Council has been characterized as distorted doctrine. And the commemoration of Patriarch Kirill…

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Eastern Orthodoxy and Church Reform
Ecclesiology, Orthodoxy and Modernity

Eastern Orthodoxy and Church Reform

“Church reform” has always been a taboo in the Orthodox Church; it has a negative connotation in some traditionalistic circles. Actually, there are many elements that strengthen stagnation and promote anti-reform tendencies, such as the claim of unity, stability, identity, psychological and spiritual factors, catholicity and universality, synodality, solidarity and collegiality, sameness, traditionalism, and others….

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