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Bishops and Pentecost

by Very Rev. Dr. John A. Jillions Bishops are regularly in the news for exercising their authority and then either coming under fire or being praised for doing so. Over the last couple months we’ve seen volcanic reactions for and against Archbishop Elpidophoros presiding at the baptism of a gay couple’s children in Greece. When...

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Church History, Inter-Orthodox Relations

Lessons From the American Revolution for the Orthodox Churches in Ukraine

by Very Rev. Dr. John A. Jillions Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine is still uncoiling, but the destruction he is inflicting on the people of Ukraine has already succeeded in uniting the fractious Orthodox churches in Ukraine around defense of their homeland. He has also ensured that the... Read more.
Orthodoxy and Modernity

Outside the Camp: Opportunities and Opposition

by V. Rev. Dr. John A. Jillions | български | ქართული | ελληνικά | Română | Русский | Српски The recent dustup over Archbishop Elpidophoros borrowing the historic St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in New York City for a celebration of the Di... Read more.
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Religion and Politics

God and the Election: How to Talk with Your Children

by Very Rev. Dr. John A. Jillions | български | Ελληνικά | ქართული | Русский | Српски Your children have been hearing a lot about the election in their schools, in your family, among friends, online and on television. As a Christian parent, priest, or teac... Read more.
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